Section VII - Map Configuration Files & File Locations


File Locations

Each map should have at least 4 different files. A Server configuration File, a bot configuration file, a waypoint file (or a .nav file) and a bot script file. There is other optional files such as readme's and custom bots and possibly some others. In any case, here's where each should be located by file extention...


.arena files go in the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\scripts directory

.bot files go in the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\bots directory

.pk3 files go in the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot directory

.nav files go in the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\bots\maps directory

.aiscript files go in the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\bots\scripts directory

.cfg files go in the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\configs directory

.script files go in the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\maps directory

Readme files go in whatever directory you want them in.


Pretty easy stuff right? Yeah, it's not too shabby really, lol. If you do make any custom files please include them with your waypoints, otherwise people may run into errors trying to load your waypoint(s) that use those custom files.


The Server Config File

Okay first things first you'll need to include a server configuration file. This must have the same filename as the map and must have the .cfg extension, so say we're releasing a waypoint for mp_castle and we're making a server config file it must be named mp_castle.cfg.


Okay to make a server config file, open a new text document in notepad (it comes with windows), now we're going to add some variables like so...


Okay first things first, the server configuration file just defines specific settings you want for that particular map. You can use any RTCW server variables you want too. Any line with the double "/" is ignored by wolf, you usually use these to explain things and or put credits in the file itself. Before each actual server setting you must include either the seta or set commands to tell wolf to set the specified variable. Let's go over what commands I've placed in the above mp_castle server file.


bot_enable = Enables bot support (i think so anyway, always include this line with a value of 1)

g_doWarmup = Enables the match warmup time

g_warmup = Specifies the time for the warmup match in seconds

g_teamforcebalance = Forces eventeams in RTCW multiplayer


These are the ONLY commands you should set in you're server configuration file, don't define any other settings because you may accidentally overwrite custom server settings. Most admins use custom server.cfg files, so these files aren't needed unless you don't feel like changing server settings manually, and getting to elaborate with you're server configuration file will overwrite their server.cfg settings.


Now, after all settings are entered in the blank text file, save it like you would any other notepad file but set the filename to <mapname>.cfg and save. Now you'll have to goto the file and remove the .txt extention (you may have to add .cfg instead) and that'll make it a server configuration file. To view already made server configuration files, just open them in notepad.


The Bot Config File

This file also isn't required per say, but it makes life a whole lot easier too say the least otherwise you would have to manually add the bots through the console. What this file does is it sets up a list of which bots and how many spawn along with the map when it's loaded in Fritzbot. Below is an example of this file.


Again, any lines with double "/" won't be read by wolf, they are ignored and are useful for notes and credits and such. To create one you do the same thing as the server configuration file by creating a new notepad document. Except these files must be named like so <mapname>_bots.cfg, so let's say you wanted to make a Bot Configuration file for Castle, you would name the configuration file mp_castle_bots.cfg.


Now in order for it too add bots you must include the addbot command before the bot name. To get the bot names look in the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\bots folder and you'll see a bunch of .bot files like so.


Now each bot has a filename designated for that specific bot and each bot has their own customized abilities. To view a .bot file, all you need to do is open it in notepad. You will then see something like this.


Now we don't need to know much here, just what class, weapon and team the bot has set. Remember Fritzbot's bots spawn with preset configurations so it's important to load the correct bots.


Now for the class, 0 means he's a soldier, 1 means he's a medic, 2 means he's an engineer and 3 means he's a lieutenant. For team a 0 means the bot is on the Axis and a 1 means he's on the Allies. And for the weapons, 0 is MP40, 1 is a Thompson, 2 is a Sten SMG, 3 is the Mauser, 4 is the Panzerfaust, 5 is for the Venom and 6 is for the Flamethrower.


Okay, next we need to add them to the configuration file, let's say you wanted to add the above bot "Bloodhunter" to you're bot configuration file. Now look at his filename, it says the actual filename is what you use to add the bot to a map. So we would add the command addbot blood on a new line in the config file to add Bloodhunter to that map.


Let's say you wanted to add some random bot to the map, well you can do it, just put an addbot command with no bot name on a blank line in your bot configuration file and it should load a random bot when you play that level. It's good practice to have a few random bots spawn in your maps so make sure to leave a few instead of having a set bot list. It's also a good idea to have an odd number of bots, because that way when you add yourself it should even out. So let's say you wanted to have 18 players on Beach or something, then have the bot config spawn 17 bots, that way you'd make the 18th person and teams would be balanced.


Now go through bots and pick which one's you want to play on your map and add them to the bot configuration file like we did with Bloodhunter and the random bots, then save it using the same methods mentioned above with the server configuration file and you're done.


Custom Map Scripts

This is a bit different than the above, and WAY more technical than any script you can edit in my honest opinion. Along with you're maps you can release a customized version of the actual map script that is released along with a map. This file includes spawn times, objectives, triggers and some really technical stuff that works in conjunction with actual events in the map.


This is really only good for altering default spawn times, and/or deactivating certain script events inside the map. To find the maps script file. Open the maps pk3 file in your zipping program and go into the maps folder, you'll see a file such as <mapname>.script this is the script file, to alter just extract it anywhere you want it on you're hard drive and to open/modify it just use notepad. You should see something similar to below.


This thing is VERY sensitive to alterations and how things are set up, one wrong slip and you could mess up a map to where it is unplayable. No big deal really as you can just delete any modified script (DO NOT delete or alter the script file that is inside the actual pk3 file for the map) and return to normal. The possibilities are endless really as you could disable alot from within this script and I'm afraid explaining how and what to alter in this file is beyond the scope of this tutorial, i'm only mentioning it so you know that you can do this kind of stuff. A google search will help you locate a good tutorial on how to edit map scripts.


You can also include altered .arena files (which go in the scripts folder of the fritzbot install), these tell wolf what the map settings are such as what gametypes the given map works on, what name it displays in the list when voting on changing maps, and so on. Those are a bit easier to edit and are pretty straight forward. You should only have to alter them if you're waypointing a map and it shows up in different game modes when voting to change the map (like what i had to do with mp_dam).


Getting Ready For Release

Okay, so you're all finished and ready to release your newly created waypoint on the internet. We'll locate all the files you created from the folders mention above and put them in a directory of you're choosing so it looks something similar to this picture.


MAKE SURE to include all of your modified files (including custom bots, modified map scripts, readme's, etc.) and then create and name a new zip file adding all your files (the process will vary depending on your zipping program) and you should get a zip file once completed. After that double check the zip archive to make sure all your files are included. After everything checks out, go ahead and upload it.


And then you are done creating, modifying and completing a fritzbot waypoint file. Over time your skills will improve and you'll be able to do this almost blindfolded (for real). Congratulations and have fun. Please read over the next section for a summary of some important things to keep in mind while waypointing.


VIII. Help & Support