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Small patch to the Final version released! | Posted by Maleficus at 02:58 on 08 Oct 2006
This patch for FritzBot ET fixes a few navigation issues in a few of the waypoint files, and also adds a few nav files that I forgot to add. Click the "Fritz ET" link above and download the "Fritz ET Final Patch" and extract its contents into your "fritzbot" directory.

Thanks to the BindleStiff for pointing out the oversights.

Fritz ET Final Released! | Posted by Maleficus at 16:39 on 04 Oct 2006
It took me a lot longer then I intended to get around to releasing this, but here it is for your enjoyment.

Includes all the latest waypoint files and fixes, as well as some minor bug fixes in the code:

1. High skill bots are better at avoiding landmines in commonly placed areas.

2. Medics with akimbos will properly TK revive you now.

3. A few other misc things that I've forgotten.

Thanks to everyone whos supported the mod over the years.

This is a complete install, so you don't need an older version of Fritz to use this. Extract it into your ET folder.


A quick note: | Posted by Maleficus at 21:11 on 25 Jun 2006
In my haste to get everything Fritz related packed up and ready to release, while at the same time packing up my stuff to get ready to move, I accidently added 4 nav files for maps that weren't complete yet.

The 4 maps are:

ET_MOR2 (aka "Marrakech Streets 2")

The nav files for these maps are in an early ALPHA state, which means they're not ready to be played yet. They are works in progress, and when they are complete, the waypointers will make a note in the forum with download links.

My bad. :$

Enjoy playing Fritz - we've enjoyed bringing it to

And if your going to this years QuakeCon - I'll see you there!

Last Fritz RTCW patch available! | Posted by Maleficus at 13:47 on 25 Jun 2006
The last Fritz RTCW patch is available too - click the "Fritz RTCW" link above and DL the "" file and extract its contents into your RTCW "fritzbot" folder.

This fixes a minor issue where bots could have problems finding enemies on a dedicated server, and also fixes a minor bot dynamite planting issue on TE_UFO.


Its here!! | Posted by Maleficus at 03:46 on 25 Jun 2006
Click the "Fritz ET" link above, and get downloading!

Stay tuned to the forums for more info about what custom maps are supported and more information.

I'm tearing apart my rig today and packing it up for the move, so I'm going to be AFK for at least the next two weeks. But don't worry - there are other members of the Fritz Team who are able to help with any questions, comments, or concerns.



PS: be sure to delete your old install of FritzBot first, to prevent any possible conflicts.

PPS: be sure to check out some of the new features
available for both the client and the server in FritzBot. For the client, hit the "ESC" key and click on the "FritzBot" menu item. In there, you'll find the option to turn on hitsounds, as well as a few other helpful features.

For the Server, go to the "Advanced" server tab in the server creation window, and look in the "Fritz
server settings" for some new options to control the game.
The Future Of FritzBot.... | Posted by Maleficus at 17:05 on 24 Jun 2006
This will come as a shock to some, and a suprise to others (especially me!), but after the 0.70 release this Sunday, I'm going to have to stop development on FritzBot. :'(

This isn't an easy decision - over the last two years, I've come to really enjoy the community we've created here, and have come to know and admire a lot of its members - especially the awesome guys on the FritzBot RTCW/ET team:






These guys have invested a lot of time, hard work, and love into this little bot mod that I started on over two years ago. And together we've created something that we can all be proud of, and that I think I can say, without being boastful, is the best amateur bot mod around. I want to thank them, and everyone who has helped with this mod or contributed in some way: Craig, 3dge, Wave, SteelRat, TeamWhore, The Ghost, Valiant, Bots United, and everyone else!

And I want to thank all of you, who gave this little bot a chance, and watched it grow over the years.

I'm leaving to start a new job in the game industry, working for ID Software! :D

I can't say what I'm working on, because of an "NDA" (non-disclosure agreement) I had to sign, so please don't ask!

You'll hear about it sooner or later in the news. ;)

A few of the Fritz Bot team members have already stated that they are interested in continuing to waypoint for Fritz, and help any new waypointers that may come along, so the forums will stay open for as long as the owners of the Bots United server allow it to be. So any questions you may have - feel free to ask them on the forums (I'm probably going to be too busy to answer e-mails/PMs much anymore).

I'll try to pop on every now and then, to help out and check on how things are doing, but I can't promise much, simply because of the demands on my time that are going to be placed on me working on a project with real deadlines and schedules (instead of just whenever I feel like). ;)

I've enjoyed this community we've created, and I'm really going to miss it. I wish all of you the best, in your games, and in your life.


PS: please come back tomorrow to pick up your copy of Fritz 0.70 - the release is going ahead as planned!
Fritz ET - THIS Sunday! | Posted by Maleficus at 00:59 on 23 Jun 2006
Fritz ET is ready to release! We're going to be releasing it this Sunday, June 25!

Version 0.70 is a pretty big step over 0.60 - with new Script abilities, tank support, ALL weapons and class abilities 100% supported (except the mortar), a bunch of new maps, tweaked and improved original maps, and a lot more!

Come back this Sunday and grab your copy!

Next version of Fritz ET is done! | Posted by Maleficus at 12:31 on 03 Jun 2006
I've handed it over to the waypointers, and the final work has begun on pathing/testing/balancing the maps.

GoldRush is already half complete, and plays really well even at this early stage. All of the default maps are now supported (except RailGun - which will have to wait for another version). A bunch of custom maps are also done, and ready to ship as soon as we finish.

Version 0.70 will be a pretty big step above 0.60 - get ready for it!

A note to Waypoint Tool users.... | Posted by Maleficus at 21:32 on 18 May 2006
Hobbit has discovered a bug with his waypoint tool included with Fritz ET. This bug could at times cause minor path issues with the bots.

He has released an updated version of the waypoint tool on his website, and has added a cmd to the menu: "validate", that will detect if any nav files you have worked on have this issue.

Its strongly recommended you DL the updated version and check your nav files if you have one you worked on using the Waypoint Tool, so that you can fix them. If you created your nav file using the builtin editor, this does not apply to you.

Check it out HERE.

Some good and bad news... | Posted by Maleficus at 11:34 on 07 May 2006
The bad news first: spammers and lamers have taken to filling up the comments/guestbook with spam, so I've disabled them for now. I may re-enable them again in the future with some new protection features. I guess I can take it as a compliment of how popular Fritz ET is that the script kiddies and other low brows can spend their time spamming me. ;)

The good news: work on Fritz ET is on track again, after a couple weeks off because of work/Real Life(tm) taking priority. I've just finished expanding the FritzScript system for the waypointers, allowing the bots to handle some of the complex ET maps really well. I've also added a lot of ETPro/ETPub-ish features that many of you were asking for. Among them: Hitsounds, complete ETPro map script support, server definded speed for entities like the tank/truck/train/etc, and lots of little extras and features to make the game that much more fun. If you have a specific feature you'd like to see, let me know on the forums!

For now, please stop by the forum and leave your questions, comments, and suggestions there. Its ALWAYS open, 24/7! :D

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